Helping you find the positive in fitness


What it means to Be PosFITive

I created this brand/motto/business about 3 years ago (I think? lol)

It was after my bout of toxic fitness & disordered eating.

What I thought was 'healthy' was literally making me unhealthy. Totally mind blown.

So I took some time to reflect. To change my habits. To shift my mindset.

I decided that I needed to bring this mission/way of thinking/philosophy to others.  I knew I wanted to become the coach & trainer who helped others to unlearn and relearn the positive in fitness. 

It’s been an empowering journey & I’m so grateful to have gone through the toxicity of the fitness industry to get to where I am now ~ your empathetic, authentic, & real fitness coach. 

To help inspire you to find the positive in fitness.

To remind you that you are amazing & deserve to feel your best, inside & out.

What does Be PosFITive mean to you?

xo Danielle


What does it mean to Be PosFITive?

  • We've shifted our mindset to what fitness actually means to us
  • We continue to heal our relationship with fitness.
  • We don’t punish ourselves with fitness - ‘no pain no gain’ is absolute BS
  • We've changed our vernacular to add 'movement' to the mix and interchange this with ‘working out’, ‘fitness’ or ‘exercise’ - whatever feels *good* to us. 
  • We know that all foods fit.
  • We incorporate self-care in a well balanced way 
  • We know the importance of making ourselves a priority in our own life & carve out time for *us*.
  • We acknowledge the importance of mental and emotional health.
  • We don’t search for ‘quick fixes’. 
  • We know that listening to our body is a skill.
  • We believe that it’s never too late to become stronger.
  • We believe in the power of positivity & utilize affirmations.