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Wanna create a new habit? Start here.

We’re creatures of habits, right?  Think about it.  When you wake up, what’s the first thing you do?  Is it checking your phone? Then maybe you tinkle or brush your teeth then head into the kitchen to make your cup ‘o joe or start boiling your water for tea?  Then maybe you put on the news or write in your gratitude journal.  Maybe you go for a little walk then hop in the shower.  

Look at your morning routine – look at all those habits! Things you don’t even think about – that you repeat day in & day out.  

Knowing that we have our own habits – good or bad! – proves that we are capable of creating a new habit that will stick.  

But now, the question is – how would we do this?

Firstly, we need to start SMALL.  Think 20 mins of movement, 60z of water, 5 mins meditation.

Notice I didn’t say go to the gym for 1 hour, or drink half your body weight in ounces or meditate for 20 minutes in the middle of the woods.

In order for this process to work – we’re gonna start small.  Tiny.  We’re NOT gonna jump right in and burn ourselves out & beat ourselves up & stay in a negative cycle because we weren’t able to stick with our habits.  That’s no fun!

And hey, maybe you’re thinking of a habit you wanna create but you’re feeling little overwhelmed…make it smaller! Meet yourself where you are. Maybe right now you want to focus on 10 minutes of movement.  Right there is progress – it’s 10 mins more than yesterday! That’s success & if that’s how you’ll succeed – then let’s do it. 

Ok – did you pick a habit you’d like to create? How do we add it to our existing routine?

We’re going to do something called Habit Stacking.  Have you heard of it?

Remember that morning routine I mentioned?  See how there are habits ingrained into our day that we don’t even think about?  We’re gonna use them – we’re going to stack or add our new, healthier habit onto one of our already existing habits!

What does this mean?

Maybe instead of rolling over & scrolling on social for 5 minutes, you push play on a meditation, right after you brush your teeth, you do some jumping jacks or squats.  Or hey, maybe you do this while your keurig is doing it’s thing.  Maybe right before your shower you drink 8 oz of water – that’ll help you reach your goal of 60oz.  Maybe once you get home & take off your work shoes, you immediately put on your sneakers & go for a walk.  Maybe before you end your day with a few episodes of your favorite show on netflix, you push play on a 15 minute workout & drink a glass of water.

Your current habit can help trigger or be the cue for your new, healthier habit -cool, right? They are already engrained in our brain. It’s a pattern or behavior that’s been strengthened over the years – That’s what we want to habit with this new habit!

Think about your current habits in your daily life.  Become aware of them.  Begin to notice them.  

You may not even realize something is a habit because it’s so second nature to us – we don’t even think about it.  

That’s what we want for this new habit we’re creating!

Take some time today & see how you can stack ’em to make them stick – How can we take advantage of our current habits to help us create a new, positive habit?

& remember – this takes work & patience.  It’s not an overnight thing.  But that’s the beauty of the monthly success groups I run – we get to support each other on this journey of creating healthier habits!