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Not a ‘gym’ person? Me neither.

Hi I'm Danielle & I'm not a big fan of the gym. But wait, aren't you a fitness trainer? Lol yup. I never enjoyed going/had no clue what I was doing/intimated by the machines, weights & people. ????

Can anyone resonate with this? Are you tired of just going on the elliptical and watching the clock until your 20 mins 'are up'? Been there, done that ???? .

So how can we #BePosFITive with or without the gym? ???????? 

First off, don't just join a gym because you feel like you 'have too'. There are plenty of other ways to Be PosFITive without a membership (that's always a hassle to cancel anyway ????) 

Work with a personal trainer who can show you the ropes & create a safe & effective fitness program based on your needs & goals. I absolutely love working with clients in their own homes, making it even more doable to get that boost of endorphins with the crazy busy schedules we all have. *bonus points when there are dogs involved* ????

Buddy up!  Having a friend by your side makes everything better - and an awesome way to positively challenge each other.

Try different types of workout classes to really see what kind of movement brings you joy. ????‍♀️ Check out Groupon for local deals!

Set a positive affirmation to ensure your mindset is in the right place before you sweat it out. ✨ My clients know that before every sessions this is a *must*.  It makes a big difference - try it & see for yourself! 

Whatever kind of exercise you do - in or out of the gym - ya gotta HAVE FUN WITH IT. ???? 

It doesn't need to be a 'chore'.  You don't have to be a 'gym person'.  Move your body mindfully, with joy & be proud of what it can do!