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Motivation Doesn’t Last…

I know that some days we feel super motivated and some days...not so much.

I'm right there with you - it happens.

Motivation is very fleeting - there are ebbs and flows, ups & downs.

We can not rely on motivation.

In order to succeed (in anything!) motivation must transition into consistency, discipline, and habits.

Some days, we're not gonna workout/move our bodies. Some days it's harder to drink a lot of water & some days it'll be a pain to plan and prep our food.

Some days our mindset is crap & we check out.
I get it - believe me!

Motivation doesn't last.

Making all this and more into a habit or routine consistently...will last.

That's what we can rely on.

When we wake up in the morning and brush our teeth - we don't think about it. It's part of our's what we do (...I hope lol).

Let's strive for this same kind of thing when it comes to our fitness/mindset/wellness.

Motivation gets us there....

We lay out our workout clothes the night before. We fill up our water bottle. I repeat an affirmation & set a goal. We press play or are ready for our session. Woo - let's do this! But it's the habits, consistency, and discipline that keep us going to where we want to be (healthier, happier, & more positive).

We need more than just 'motivation'.

Did that 'new years resolution' fall to the wayside?

Are you finding it difficult to stay consistent & committed (to yourself)?

Do you benefit from accountability (oh hey, there's a cop, let me slowwww dowwnnnn).

It's time to chat my friend.

Let's create habits and not rely on motivation.