Let’s Work Together

Do you…

  • Find it difficult to break free from diet-culture BS
  • Struggle to make time for yourself or ‘stay motivated’
  • Want to make a mindset shift about what ‘fitness’ really means 
  • Try to start that habit & it just doesn’t stick
  • Thrive when you are surrounded by support and good energy
  • Want to work with someone who ‘gets it’ and meets you exactly where you are

You want to find the positive in fitness & 
I’m here to help! 

On-Demand Mindset & Movement

Flexibility & Convenience

From meditations and mindset masterclasses to dance, strength training, & yoga, you have so many options to choose from. Have fun & challenge yourself with something new. You can press play whenever & wherever it works best for you in your busy day!

Community & Support

We don’t have to do this alone. Connect with others as we work through our mindset & movement together. Celebrate the wins along the way. 

Unlimited access to your mindset & movement mentor

That’s me! Always meeting you right where you are with check-ins & inspiration. 

love notes
'Since working with Danielle, I’ve progressed from having successfully transitioned to the mindset of ‘having to work out’ to ‘getting to work out!’ That in itself is a major accomplishment! I appreciate all the work that she puts into helping each and every client with dailiy motivation via social media. I feel very comfortable reaching out to Danielle regularly with my daily progress as the accountability piece is very important to me.'

Group Sessions: Coming Soon!

During our 25 minute virtual group session, you'll:


Move Your Body

Set the tone for the day; release some feel-good chemicals, and increase your positive energy in a non-intimidating and uplifting way.


Shift Your Mindset

Every session begins with a mindset shift; an affirmation. Just like any muscle – we need to strengthen our positivity.  


Feel Supported

All bodies & fitness levels are welcome to join! No equipment necessary, just your strong, amazing body! 

love notes
'It was also fun and helpful to chat with and motivate/be motivated by the other members of the group! It was such a positive experience, and I highly recommend Danielle’s services! She is so knowledgeable, understanding, and great at what she does!'​