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I don’t have a New Year’s Resolution.

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? I don't.

'But aren't you a fitness trainer? Isn't this when you drum up the most business in hopes that people start a new program and want to 'get in shape'? Shouldn't you be broadcasting 'New Year, New You' over all of your social media?'

LOL, nah.

Join me in *not* setting a New Year's Resolution!

Yes, you read that right.

So often our resolutions have to do with 'eating better & working out more'...amiright? And maybe this lasts for a few weeks or months...then these 'resolutions' start to drift off and then we wait until January 1st to do it all over again...or feel guilty in not succeeding in this annual tradition. Doesn't that sound down right silly?!

Listen, I'm all about bettering myself & reaching goals.  But this year, screw the resolution.  Let's set an intention for ourselves for 2020.

Don't wait until the ball drops at 12am on 01/01/2020.  Let's start today, Friday the 27th of December.

No need to overthink it.  No need to be alone in your journey.

If you want to start being more positive in your fitness, awesome.  If you want to curse less, great.  If you want to de-clutter, fabulous. If you want to give more, wonderful.

Whatever your intention is, own it. Embrace it.  But don't just do it because 'that's what you should do'.  Do it because you want to. Because it'll make you feel good.  Because it'll make a positive impact in your life.  Set yourself up for success with the right mindset.

Wanna Be PosFITive in 2020 & beyond?

Message me today - don't wait for January 1st!