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How to Be PosFITive during Coronavirus

We are dealing with an unprecedented event in our world.  As if that’s not overwhelming enough - our whole lives have been turned upside down & we’re not sure when they'll go back to the way things were just a few short weeks ago. 

How can we make the best of this situation & Be PosFITive?

First off, feel your feelings. It’s natural and okay to feel anxious, nervous, stressful, fill-in-the-blank.  My anxiety this past week has been sky high & negativity took over. But how can I feel like these when my ‘brand’ is all about the positive?  Guess what, I’m human, too. So I’ve been trying to reset & realign my mindset. Reminding myself of my blessings; what I’m grateful for. What I can control. This is temporary & I’m gonna be ok - you’re gonna be ok. Changing my thoughts helped to create a positive shift in my emotions.  I highly recommend it.

Reach out to your support team.  Take a roll call - who’s on your team? Your family, friends, coach, personal trainer, therapist, neighbor.  You are not alone. Just because we need to be ‘socially distant’ from each other - doesn’t mean you need to be alone during this time.  I’ve ‘met’ with my therapist, parents & friends virtually. YAY for technology! Be open & honest with them. Remember, they are on your team & here for you during this challenging & uncertain time - as am I!

You’ve heard me talk about positive affirmations - what a great time to incorporate this into your routine.  Declare it in the morning, before a workout, before your new found at-home job begins or when your head hits the pillow at night - whenever you need to be reminded.   Here are some examples for you:

I am safe.
I am healthy.
I am calm.
I am whole.
I am grounded.
I am loved. 

Lessen screen time - especially social media.  I felt like I was glued to my news feed in the beginning of the week.  Refresh, refresh, refresh. And that was certainly one of the culprits of my increased anxiety.  Let’s take some time every day to just shut off our phone (gasp!) No, but seriously people. If it’s not doing any good for us - we have the power to remove it from our lives, even if it’s for a little bit.  

Meditate.  You don’t need to burn a candle in a dark room and ‘om’ your way through it.  There are so many options - Ask Alexa to play a guided meditation, check out Deepak Chopra on YouTube, download the Calm App.  Keep it simple - take 5 minutes for yourself. Breathe. Don’t overthink it (literally, it’s purpose is to shut off the brain & not think lol). 

You guessed it - move your body!  We know the benefits of exercise - lowers stress, increases feel good chemicals in the brain, boosts our immunity.  If ever there was a time to move your body for at least 30 minutes a day, now is the time! Maybe your gym is closed.  Maybe your routine is all out of whack & your usual ‘workout time’ is now out the window. That stinks, I get it. But now, flip it around. Maybe this ‘new normal’ has helped create even more time for *you*.  Maybe this ‘new normal’ gives you an opportunity to have a dance party with your kids. Maybe this ‘new normal’ is giving you a reason to get outside for a walk or run (& get an extra dose of Vitamin D!). Maybe this ‘new normal’ is a way to try something new.   

I’m grateful to be able to provide virtual training for my clients.  They are still receiving an individualized workout complete with quality training, form correction, motivation & positive vibes. Again, YAY technology! If you’re looking for extra support, motivation or accountability right now - please reach out to me. 

So, what do you say?  Today is a beautiful opportunity to Be PosFITive!