Healing My Relationship with Fitness

I’ve only recently began healing my relationship with fitness.

As an athlete growing up, I never really ‘worked out’.  I was active at practice & on game day, but beyond that, you wouldn’t see me ‘training’.  After that season of my life passed, I began ‘working out’.  I went to a beautiful, state of the art gym…and only stuck by the elliptical & treadmill.  Weights? What? I can’t lift those!  I would make sure I burned X amount of calories on these machines.  I’d watch a few episodes of whatever was on the TV or listen tunes on my iPod shuffle (remember that?).  I tracked every bite I ate.  I counted every single step and would make sure I hit X, again, to burn X amount of calories.  I never felt joy at said gym.  I never felt joy by moving my body.  It just felt like something I ‘should’ do.  I ‘had’ to do. After jumping through hoops to cancel the membership (UGH!)…I left & never joined another gym again.

I fell in love with at-home fitness (which is still a part of my life today).  Being able to roll out of bed in my pj’s and get a solid workout in (as silly as it sounds) changed my life – or at least my outlook on health & fitness.  It was fun, I learned a lot….but something was still just not right.

‘I *need* to workout.’ ‘I *need* to get to day 23 of this 60 day program’. ‘I can’t miss it!’  If I did, I’d feel bad. I felt guilty for messing up the ‘schedule’.  There was no happy medium there.  I felt like it was all or nothing.  I was working out because I felt like I *had* to…not that I *wanted* to. Working out should never feel like a chore or drain you from your happiness.  It should make you feel amazing…not bad.

This vicious cycle and unhealthy relationship continued.

Then, in the early spring of 2017, I lost my period.  Yep, it just wasn’t there.  Disappeared. BYEEE!  I never had any issues like that, so I started to look at my lifestyle and see what could have caused it.


Yep, you read that right.  Over. Exercise.  It is possible to exercise *too* much, and it can F with your body. (Exercise is stress…but I’ll save that for another post :))  This totally freaked me out.  My body was literally telling me ‘Sorry Danielle.  We need to shut down your reproductive system because you’re overdoing it”.  What a mind f*ck.  Here I am trying to be healthy…and it’s making me unhealthy. Whaaaa?

This is where my journey of self-love, intuitive eating and *positive fitness* truly began. Here are a few things I started to do:

  • Listen to my body more.  I’m telling ya, your body is SO smart.  Listen to it once in a while –  it knows a thing or two!  If something is just ‘off’ or ‘wrong’, there’s a reason. Find that reason.  Don’t just let it happen.  Our bodies are amazing machines that are meant to run smoothly, efficiently & effectively.  Which ties into learning to REST.  Resting is OK.  There is nothing wrong with it.  You don’t need to go go go & do do do. Skip the workout if your body is telling you to. Do.  Not.  Push. It doesn’t make you cool.  It doesn’t make you a hero.  It makes you a silly goosehead.
  • Give myself grace. It’s not easy…and is still something I continue to do every day in different areas of my life.  Didn’t get your workout in today?  It’s ok – it’s not the end of the world. Move on, go on with your day, continue to be a kick-ass person.  You have accomplished so much and should be proud of everything you’ve done today.  Move. On. & SMILE.
  • Began to follow a different group of people on social media – More body positive, health at every size, holistic healing, anti-diet, etc.  Those whom I now share a connection with.  And I’m so glad I found them and the community of like-minded virtual friends.  Here are a few of my favs on Insta:
  • Began to ‘unfollow’ certain people on social media who’s philosophy, values, thoughts, & energy weren’t inline with mine.  TOOTLES.
  • Started taking better care of my mental & emotional health.  Sure, I had abs….but that didn’t make me healthy.  Overall health runs so much deeper than that.  We can do bench presses & run on the treadmill till the cows come home.  We could eat all the kale and all the egg whites.  That shiz won’t make you *healthy*.  (Also, there ain’t no shame in therapy.  I’ll save this bad boy for another post, too:))
  • Incorporating positive affirmations in my daily routine. Starting your day off with something positive can make your whole day better.  Try it out.  I promise you, it’ll make a difference. Don’t know what a positive affirmation is?  No worries, just click here.
  • Spoke to my family & friends.  I told them about my new found mindset.  Getting support from people you love is something else that has a positive affect on your life.  Not getting support from someone?  Still have those negative, old mindset fitness lovers in your life?  Set up boundaries & find someone who will support you and your overall health (me!)
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone. That’s where the magic happens.
  • Speaking up!  So often I still hear things like ‘Oh, I gotta go to the gym to burn this off’ or ‘I was so bad this weekend’ or ‘no pain no gain’ or any other kind of negativity when it comes to fitness & health. I don’t hold back.  I tell it like it is. REAL TALK.  They are often surprised by what I say. For years, this is how we viewed fitness or health, right?  To exercise so we can eat all the fries.  Or that abs really show how healthy you are. Or that females need to look a certain way.  Or here’s a miracle pill or cream & the latest fitness tool to make all your ‘problem areas’ go away.  They rarely hear this ‘real talk’ – positive fitness, love yourself, enjoy-the-fries-it’s-not-the-end-of-the-world, mindset is everything kind of thing, especially from a fitness professional.  Of all people, I should be on the same page with all this BS, right?….HA.

After becoming a CPT, I just knew I needed to bring *this* message to beautiful & worthy people, like you.

I am absolutely thrilled to bring my energy & passion of creating a more positive relationship with fitness  Learning from my own experiences…I truly feel like I am my healthiest now.  It takes a lot of work (continuous work)…but it’s worth it.  You’re worth it.

Are you ready to build a more positive relationship with fitness?

Or, maybe you don’t have any relationship with fitness at all. I’d love to help you build a positive one.

Let’s do this…together.