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Getting Rid of Your [exercise] Ego

This time last year I injured my shoulder.  After I was told to 'rest, ice, & take an anti-inflammatory', there was no improvement.  So then came a cortisone shot (ouchie).  I felt a tad better (temporarily) - but still wasn't able to lift up my arm, put pressure on it -  and it was difficult to do every day chores.  Oh, and I was a group fitness instructor at the time....try running a fitness class with one arm LOL #goodtimes. I managed & we had a few laughs of course, but clearly something was still wrong. So another trip to the orthopedic where I basically had to beg for an MRI (insert 'you-need-to-be-your-own-freakin-advocate' here).  Oh, look at that - a partial tear in my Rotator Cuff.  I definitely needed more than 'rest, ice, & an anti-inflammatory'.

Then came physical therapy - 2x a week for a few months.  I wasn't always the best patient & honestly sometimes didn't do my 'homework' (sorry!).  But my PT worked my tush off  and I successfully graduated! Shout out to Deep & the team at Motion Sports in Stony Point, NY. I felt better & was finally able to do some movements I wasn't able to do for months (I'm looking at you, downward dog).  I was still very conscious of my movements (and was nervous) as I eased my way back into the types of exercise I avoided for so long.  It's so easy to use your shoulder in a 'willy nilly' kinda way.

Now & again it would act up a bit - so I would ice it and rest it and heat it and use my essential oils on it and repeat.

Then came this past March where I thought I was unstoppable. I got cocky.  Girl, slow your roll. I overdid it with my shoulder (planks/burpees/push-ups, oh my).  It was literally & figuratively screaming at me. UGH here we go again.

I knew I needed to pull back & make a change. So, just like this time last year, I removed any type of movement that was weight bearing like a plank & overhead like a press. Sure, I missed doing some yoga flows & more challenging movements.  But hey...the outcome is worth it.

I FEEL BETTER.  No more pain. Alleluia.

This is just a round about way of saying: GET RID OF YOUR EXERCISE EGO.

Don't just keep going & push through pain.  My friend, it'll only make things worse.  Believe me - that extra weight or rep is only gonna hinder your progress & success.  Be kind to yourself & your body.

If something doesn't feel right - something isn't right.

'No pain no gain' is complete & utter BS. 

I always ask my clients to let me know if something ever feels a little 'off' or 'tweaked'.   I never want them to 'force' something during our session together 'just because'.  That is not a way to Be PosFITive!

There is always a way to modify.

There is always an alternate exercise.

There is always the option to listen to your body. 

 Rest. IT'S OK.  I give you permission.

And hey, it works. 

Need more of this kind of 'real talk' in your life?

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