Helping you find the positive in fitness

Your Very Own Fitness Coach

Part-coach, part-mentor, & part-bff.  As your personal trainer, I'll get to know you, your goals & your fears.  From there, I'll be able to design a safe & effective fitness program that 1) you feel positive about 2) you enjoy 3) keeps you motivated 4) helps you to reach your goals & feel like you can conquer the world.  We'll work together to ensure you're on the path to your happiest & healthiest self.

Fitness training

How does this work?

Before we get started I'll get some information from you that'll be super helpful.  At our first session we'll chat & complete a full body workout as an assessment to see where you're at. Don't worry - it's not a test!

I'm available to come to your house or office (in person or virtually!) We can also decide on a place (maybe overlooking the scenic Hudson River?) to meet and sweat it out.

We can meet as often as you'd like - for 30, 45 or 60 minutes at a time.

Would you rather work out with a few friends or stream workouts right from your TV or phone? We can totally do that, too!

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Let's see what best fits *your* needs & wants.