(Fitness) Friends…with benefits

We've all heard the quote 'teamwork makes the dream work', right?  This doesn't just pertain to the 1980 U.S Hockey Team or a thriving business such as Google.  When you workout with a friend, you are more liking to stay motivated, reach your goals, build your relationship and most importantly - enjoy it!

By having someone to workout along side with, you are more likely to stay committed to a routineAccountability is the secret sauce of success.  Knowing your friend is meeting you at the gym for the 5:30am session will help ensure that you get your tush out of bed & don't leave them hanging!   During this session or while performing a set, if you see them struggling, wanting to quit, or just not 'in it', cheer them on!  Remind them that you're in this together & that they are stronger than they think.  People need to hear this, especially when things get tough.

This'll also help build your relationship with your friend.  Working out together is much more positive than gossip & happy hour on a Friday night.  By having each other to lean on, support, and maybe even give tough love during your fitness journey, you won't feel alone.

As Elle Woods reminds us, 'exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy'.  You know what else gives you endorphins? Hanging with your gal pals!  Put working out and girl time together - holy endorphin rush!  We all need more of those feel good chemicals...so here's a double whammy!

Make sure to choose your workout buddy wisely.  Do they have a positive attitude or are always complaining?  Do they look forward to your sweat sesh or  absolutely dread working out?  Did they set a goal and are serious about making a change or just going through the motions?  Do they support *you* on your fitness journey? 

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of exercising with friends.  Make time for yourself, make time for your friends, make a positive change in your life.  Sounds good to me! 

Grab a friend or two...

Let's reach our goals - together!