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Consistency – Your Super Power

I don’t know about you, but how the heck is it the end of August….Christmas is around the corner 😜 🎄🎅✨

We know that time flies (wasn’t it just February?!) – just think about how much we can accomplish, especially when we stay consistent. Yesterday I went Live on Facebook & spoke about something that is a pretty important piece to reaching our goals (any type of goal, really. But let’s focus on fitness/wellness). That is c o n s i s t e n c y.

Did you know that consistency is a super power? Did you know that you own this super power? Did you know that you have the opportunity to utilize this super power? Small tweaks in our consistency will add up & make a PosFITive difference in your life.

But seriously – think about it.

What if we were *consistent* for the next 4 months – finish this *freaking* year on a high note & start 2021 as our best self?

What could/would you accomplish?

Just like brushing our teeth 2x a day is a habit, we can create other healthier, positive habits. Now, it doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over time. Building there habits creates consistency, which helps us to succeed.

What are some habits you’d like to create?

Here are a few ideas – nothing crazy!

  • Move your body 3x a week
  • Drink 8oz of water upon waking
  • Journal for 5 minutes in the evening before bed

And remember, being consistent doesn’t mean being perfect. Sure, I’m a fitness trainer & coach – but that doesn’t mean that I am 100% perfect (…no one is). But I strive to live a life of consistency – which includes balance. It’s taken a lot of practice and grace to get to this point – so remember, this is not a quick fix. It takes work. But spoiler alert – you are worth it.

I’m always here to meet you where you are – with what you have. You know that I’m your partner in this journey – but I can only do so much. The power is within *you*. You have the power to change your life & I am by your side every step of the way. But it’s up to you to *want* to stay consistent.

So, let’s do this ~ shall we?

Because I’m ready…and will always be ready – whenever you are.