Are you focused during your workout?

When you're working out, are you focused? Honestly....think about it.

When you're doing a bicep curl, are you just going through the motions - up, down, up down? Or are you actually feeling your muscles fire & engage with each and every rep?

Do you have your notifications going off on your apple watch and are you checking the message?

Do you look at your phone when you take a sip of water?

Do you do the bare minimum during your warm up?

Is your mind sometimes just not 'in' it?

I'll give you a little secret that may help with this....

Set an affirmation/intention before you start your workout!

I promise, if you start with this one simple step, you'll be more focused & move more mindfully throughout your workout.  Don't cha think that'll make your workout 100x better? Not only will you work harder, bring more positive energy, be intentional with each movement...but also reach those goals you're striving towards!

So, next time you're working out - take note of how focused you are....and see (and feel!) the difference.

Looking to be more focused & intentional when it comes to your fitness routine?

A positive fitness trainer can help!