Helping you find the positive in fitness

Strolls & Goals

Are you looking to move your body in a way that isn't intimidating?

Do you want a community to lift you up (or a safe space to just vent?)

Do you crave motivation & accountability but don't know where to turn?

Do you want a coach who sees you & hears you?

Do you want to focus on small, positive & sustainable changes in a way that doesn't overwhelm you?

Then Strolls & Goals is for you!

Strolls & Goals is a group of women who want to move their bodies, feel supported & empowered & create positive change in their life - mind, body & soul.

Strolls & Goals incorporates walking, body weight movements, stretching & balance with a dose of motivation & support.

Strolls & Goals is led by positive fitness coach & soon-to-be behavior change specialist, Danielle, who believes that you deserve to move your body in a way that lifts you up.

Take 30 minutes of your day for *you*.
Take 30 minutes to increase your endorphins.
Take 30 minutes to build strength - inside & out.
Take 30 minutes to feel support

Getting moving & grooving with a group of ladies that will always lift you up & empathize when life gets tough.

We can do this - together


Offering personal/professional development workshops/trainings for companies & organizations.  With an interactive focus on positive affirmations, gratitude, meditations & movement - there is something for everyone.  Fill your cup so you can help fill others'.

Past workshops include:

Girls Scouts of America

Rockland County Department of Personnel

International Multiple Myeloma Foundation Support Group