3 Diet Culture Lies to Unlearn

It’s never too late to unlearn decades of what diet culture has lied to you about. You deserve to embrace a healthier, happier relationship with movement & your body. I want to share three awesome things I’ve unlearned, and I hope they’ll give you a much-needed reminder, too.

You can miss a Monday:

Mondays, schmondays! Who says you have to start fresh only on that day? Diet culture loves to tell us that missing a Monday is a total disaster, but guess what? Life doesn’t revolve around a single day of the week. Every day is a new opportunity to make choices that honor our bodies and prioritize our well-being. So, whether it’s Monday, Tuesday, or even Fry-yay, remember that you’re in charge of your own journey, and you can create positive changes whenever you darn well please! (And I’m here to help :))

Your movement ‘counts’ even if you don’t sweat or feel sore:

Sweat and sore muscles don’t have a monopoly on what “counts” as exercise. Sure, diet culture would have us believe that unless we’re pouring buckets of sweat and hobbling around like a penguin the next day, we’re not doing it right. But here’s a secret: movement, just like our bodies, comes in all shapes and sizes! Whether you’re into walking, yoga, dancing like nobody’s watching, or even just enjoying activities you love, it all contributes to your overall well-being. So, let’s ditch the pressure on what we think our ‘workouts’ need to look like and find joy in the movement that makes our souls happy!

Before & Afters don’t tell the whole story:

Ah, those jaw-dropping “before and after” photos that flood our social media feeds. (INSERT EYE ROLL) They don’t tell the full story! I used to be that person who would post these side-by-sides (to see the cringe in action, check out this reel)…but what wasn’t pictured was my disordered relationship with food & fitness. Diet culture wants us to believe that shrinking ourselves equals happiness, but we know better. True well-being is so much more than a number on a scale or a physical transformation. It’s about nurturing our mental and emotional health, practicing self-compassion, and building a positive relationship with food, fitness & our bodies. So, let’s celebrate our unique journeys, embracing our worth and progress every step of the way. You’re more than just a snapshot in time!

I’d love for you to share this post with your gal pals & let’s unlearn together. Cheers to a life filled with self-love, acceptance, joy and delicious freedom from diet culture!