Do you have an attitude of gratitude?

We have a beautiful opportunity each day to shift our perspective by expressing gratitude. This simple action helps us to remember what’s really important & live a more positive life. Does it cure everything that’s going on in our lives right now? No. I’ll never shove toxic positivity at you! But there is research that incorporating gratitude into our daily routine helps benefit our health – inside & out.

According to there are so many amazing benefits of expressing gratitude:

~increased happiness and positive mood

~decreased stress

~more satisfaction with life

~less likely to experience burnout

~better physical health

~better sleep

~less fatigue

~lower levels of cellular inflammation

They stated that if ‘a person could do only one thing to increase their health and happiness, expressing gratitude might be it’. Whoa! That’s freaking powerful.

So, how can we incorporate an attitude of gratitude into our daily lives?

1. Keep a gratitude journal – Writing things down (the old school way) helps us to rewire our brain & truly focus on what it is we’re jotting down. As a bonus, we can pull out this journal and flip through the pages whenever we need a pick-me-up.

2. Share with a loved one what you’re grateful for daily. This is something my (now husband!) & I started to do when COVID first came into our lives. Every night we tell each other at least 3 things we’re grateful for – big or small – it doesn’t matter. It could be a nice hot shower, a quick day at work, our health, etc. It’s a really positive way to end the day & we look forward to it nightly. Create a habit by stacking it on an existing habit – during dinner, when you brush your teeth, after your workout. Make it part of your day! (I really want to start doing this again!!)

3. Prayer or meditation. Take a few minutes to sit down daily, be mindful and focus on 5-10 things you are grateful for – count your blessings.

4. Visual reminders. The background of my computer says ‘gratitude is the best attitude’. This could be a post-it or even be your phone’s wallpaper! Putting this reminder somewhere you will see every day – this way, you’ll be sure to practice gratitude every day.

5. Include movement in your day. This can boost our mood – which will create even more gratitude! As the endorphins (the feel-good chemicals in the brain) begin to flow, expressing gratitude will become even easier – it’s a win-win!

The benefits of an intentional gratitude practice compound like interest. The more we practice it – just like affirmations & our movement – the more we’ll see & feel a difference.

You deserve to feel the difference. There’s no better time than the week of Thanksgiving to start a gratitude practice! Tag me on Instagram @beposfitive & show me what you’re grateful for!