helping you improve your life through mindset & movement

Let’s ditch diet-culture and re-think what fitness truly is – inside & out. 

Are you overwhelmed by fitness?

Do you find it difficult to stay consistent?

Do you feel you need a mindset shift?

What if I told you it was possible to shift your mindset to what ‘fitness’ & ‘health’ truly is – that there IS a way to enjoy moving your body & removing guilt or shame from the equation.
Imagine what it would feel like to…
✨ Stop ‘shoulding’ yourself when it comes to movement
✨ Finally enjoy & stay consistent with movement that lifts you up
✨ Break free from the thoughts that hold us back
It’s my goal is to empower YOU to find the positive in fitness.

Hi! I'm Danielle, your Mindset & Movement Mentor.

  • Not your typical personal trainer 
  • Non-Diet & Weight-Inclusive Approach 
  • Focused on more than just sweat & soreness

Happy Clients

"The best thing about working with Danielle is her amazing positive attitude that is contagious and keeps you focusing forward to achieve your goal and not feeling guilty or like you want to give up if you have a set back! I continue to show progress on my health journey and I believe it is because of Danielle and her BePosFitive programs!"
"Danielle is so on top of her clients and her check-ins are sweet and friendly but also real. She doesn't pretend life is perfect and you'll never fall off your routine and she's there to help you get restarted when you need a boost."​